Hey! If you want to submit work to Swash & Serif 5, you're in the right place.
Make sure you've read over the submission guidelines so you know what kind of work we're looking for. If you're submitting sketches of work that isn't complete yet, make sure you describe what the final will look like in detail so we can get a better idea of how your work will fit into the show.

Submitting is free, but if your work is selected for the show there is a $30 hanging fee.

Submissions are due Sunday November 11th. We will get back to the selected artists by November 15th. Keep an eye on your email!

Now, go forth and show us your work!
press ENTER
Thanks for sending us your work! We're looking forward to reviewing it. We'll let artists know what we've selected for the show by November 15th. Good luck!